Popfetcher: Missing pictures in entry

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Popfetcher: Missing pictures in entry

Post by snafu » Wed Jun 24, 2015 3:58 pm

Hi all!

I sent mails with text in body and pictures as attachement => after fetching the mail, only text shows up in posting, no pics.

- Serendipity 1.7.8, PHP 5.5.5
- Popfetcher version: 1.45
- Popfetcher settings : http://flipdot.org/blog/uploads/popfetcher_2.png
- Popfetcher reply when polling the "magic url": see attachment

Preview pictures are generated perfectly when posting manually in the backend.

I read in the popfetcher reply:

MESSAGE PART -- Anhang gefunden: sl1-150x150.jpg
Scanning for inlinepic: (and [attach:1])
Inlinepic result: false
Saving attachment seperately.

Anyone any clue what to do?

Thank you in advance!
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Re: Popfetcher: Missing pictures in entry

Post by bernd_d » Wed Jun 24, 2015 7:59 pm

Next time, no cross-postings please. Because your screenshot is in german too, english speaking users maybe can not help you. ;)

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