serendipity philosophy to a possible new user

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serendipity philosophy to a possible new user

Post by tresor24 » Tue Jul 29, 2014 7:26 pm

Hello & thank you for releasing an open source product.

I am trying to find a good solution to support my wife's effort in creating a journal about a project on which we are starting; however, finding something simple that does not require any technical modifaction of files on a remotely hosted server due to limitations in both technical ability and desire; my wife does not want to have to mess with files about which she knows nothing.

I landed on serendipity and like what I saw; however, in trying to setup the page like she wanted it, I found:
First off, blogging is about getting contributions and comments.

Neither I nor my wife want comments, a bad experience with spam has completely turned us off from ever soliciting comments on a website again, we would rather wade through emails and post those comments from email ourselves as we see appropriate. I have always thought that a "blog" is a place to write one's own opinions, experiences or thoughts and is not a collaborative effort. Why not create an easy way to disable all comments globally?

We would love to implement this solution; however, given the fact that our first requirement (no comments globally) entails manipulating files in serendipity, we may continue to look for a better solution.

Thank you.

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Re: serendipity philosophy to a possible new user

Post by Timbalu » Wed Jul 30, 2014 10:03 am

Blogging is about writing one's opinions, experiences or thoughts and being able to get contributions and comments.
tresor24 wrote: Why not create an easy way to disable all comments globally?
There are button options without needing to change a file, please read about some important ones, for example.

In short:
1. Personal settings: Allow comments to this entry = set to no.
2. Configuration: Allow users to subscribe to entries = set to no.
There are more options available, if you don't want to be too strict.

Having finetuned all available modern spam measurements, comment spam is no problem for the moment. If techniques change, they will get reviewed.

(Sorry, the FAQ in this and some other parts is a bit outdated.)

Edit: The FAQ suggestion of manipulating a certain file in serendipity is in the userland area and only done once, if you do it right and use a copied or self written theme.

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