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Comment spam notifications

Post by sinucello » Thu Jun 12, 2014 7:50 am

I installed the bayes plugin to handle the huge amount of spam comments. It now reliably recognizes spam. The problem is that I`d like to get email notifications about new comments and submitted contact forms. So now I get 99% mails containing notifications about spam comments and in the email text the spam plugin adds a comment that it has recognized the comment as spam and that it is moderated.

I could set up a filter in my mail program to automatically delete those notifications about spam comments but I`d prefer the following:

- spam plugin recognizes spam comments and automatically deletes it
- no email notification is sent to me
- I only receive email notifications about the very few valid, non-spam comments

How can I achieve this?

thank you - all the best,

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Re: Comment spam notifications

Post by onli » Thu Jun 12, 2014 3:46 pm

Hm, I didn't include an option to disable the mails so far while keeping comments moderated.
But there is the setting to not moderate those spam comments that have a high spam rating (the third setting, if the first option is set to manually). Rejected comments should be saved in the recycler and you could check there periodically for valid comments instead of getting mails.

If the plugin is indeed working reliably, you could use that option. Also, you could lower the needed spam-rating for rejection a bit to reduce the amounts of emails

Or you could just set the first option to "reject" to reject all spam, totally eliminating the mails. You should make sure the recycler is activated and working if you do that to not lose valid comments in case of a misrating. Those users would still get an irritating "Comment got rejected" message though.

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Re: Comment spam notifications

Post by Moder_20 » Tue Nov 04, 2014 2:32 pm

Ye had the same problem but it helped me how about u @Sinucello?

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