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Using Serendipity Media Library in my Blog

Posted: Sat Mar 01, 2014 12:44 am
by terrym
Does anyone know where I can find instructions on how to use and incorporate a Media Library into my Blog?
And it would also be great if I could find out how it actually works, or what it looks like on a blog?
Thanks in advance

Re: Using Serendipity Media Library in my Blog

Posted: Sat Mar 01, 2014 11:07 am
by Timbalu
Hi Terry

The Media Library is on Board and is the one you have already used, so in this case I think you mean 'embed a gallery'.
This is not that easy, since most web media galleries are frameworks/programs on their own. There is a plugin for old menalto gallery2 for example, which only works with Serendipity versions lower 1.7 versions.

You could use ... _IMAGES_en event plugins to make some 'poor man internal' or 'external' galleries to embed in your blog entries or as an extra page in your blog.
Or you choose an external web gallery of your choice, hosted by you or somewhere external in a cloud, and embed the galleries to your blog via the wrapurl, or external_php, or page_nugget event plugins.

Which is recommended, depends on your special needs.

Btw, is your blog a Serendipity 'one click install' by hoster or a package manually downloaded from here? In the latter case you should try to upgrade.

For reachable example galleries I have none in the moment, maybe someone else could post some links here.

Re: Using Serendipity Media Library in my Blog

Posted: Sat Mar 01, 2014 10:25 pm
by terrym
Hi Timbalu

Thanks very much for your reply. When you said the Media Library in on Board, I expect you mean that it is already running in my Blog. If that is the case, my question should be "OK, but how do you use it?". That is the question I should have asked to start with.

Are there any instructions somewhere showing how to add photos etc. and where or how they would appear in my blog?

The template I am using is Bulletproof.


Re: Using Serendipity Media Library in my Blog

Posted: Sun Mar 02, 2014 11:15 am
by Timbalu
I thought you have already done that - adding photos to you blog - kept in Media Library - chosen by entry, like you have done in "Llandudno and Back".

I could not find any english page describing on how to do this explanatory, I think while it is quite obvious, but in short: If having added images or files to your Media Library - which is equal to everything in your /uploads dir - you can add images to entries via the [Media] button on the backends entryform. This opens a popup window to choose an image or thumb, give it a position, add some images text and submits this to your entry.

The backend sidebar has a 'Media' titled section which keeps 4 links: Add media, Media library, Manage directories, Rebuild Thumbs. This is for administrating your Media Library.

Oh wait, now I see you did not use the [Media]-button and Media Library at all, to insert your images to entries, since its partial source looks like

Code: Select all

<p class="whiteline"><center><span><img src="images/hotel-1.jpg" /><br />First sighting of our feathered friend.</span></p>
With Media Library and [Media]-Button it would look like, ie.

Code: Select all

<div class="serendipity_imageComment_center" style="width: 520px"><div class="serendipity_imageComment_img"><!-- s9ymdb:19 --><img class="serendipity_image_center" width="520" height="300"  src="/uploads/charlesbronson.jpg"  alt="bronson" /></div><div class="serendipity_imageComment_txt">This is Charles!</div></div>
Now, what to do:
Find your Media section in the backend via sidebar, upload images and then add them to an entry via the [Media]-button. Having links without the http root path (/...)- in your case "/serendipity/images" isn't good either, since there might be situations where the system can't find a relative path that easy.
To stick with your upper example entry, the path would now look like "/serendipity/uploads/hotel-1.jpg".

:) Happy blogging!