Speed up S9Y with a CDN

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Speed up S9Y with a CDN

Post by tuler » Sat Dec 29, 2012 7:55 am

Hey everyone, as my traffic started to grow, especially internationally, I was getting reports that my blog wasn't performing as well as the other parts of my sites. I did some basic DB maintenance and other recommendations here, but I was still showing slow load times in various countries. In doing a search I found MetaCDN and my site speed has increased dramatically for all aspects of the site; Static HTML, S9Y and my SMF Forum.

Setting up MetaCDN was easy as I just CNAMEd over a subdomain to the site acceleration URL that they provide and then added that subdomain as the URL to Blog under Configuration and then Paths. If you don't care about your links, you can just use the link that they give you, but it won't match your site's domain.

Since MetaCDN accelerates both dynamic and static content, there's no need to parse out the static content.

I hope this helps someone who is looking to speed up their blog.

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