EU Cookie Directive

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Re: EU Cookie Directive

Post by » Fri Jun 29, 2012 11:55 am


I'm not sure if I understood this hack right, but: Didn't s9y (and any page using this hack) already saved some cookies when this JS/Cookie based form shows up? Is this a valid solution to the (unknown to me) "EU law"?

I think: Even if we put it into a plugin, it has the same problem: The the surrounding system (s9y in that case) saved cookies already when this confirmation shows up.

Only a page that is loaded before the system loads can handle this safely, I guess..
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Re: EU Cookie Directive

Post by magic » Sun Aug 12, 2012 4:53 pm

I agree that a 'pre' loading page handles this better in some ways, (but who wants them) and for those with the knowledge/financial resources it is also possible to have the scripts disable cookies.

However this script is purely a cost-effective answer to address the problem ... whether it meets the legal requirements is not even something that lawyers can agree on. The wording "This website uses cookies to provide services and improve functionality. Disabling these Cookies will affect the functionality of this site. For more information please see our Privacy & Cookie Policy" warns the visitor that the website uses cookies ... the privacy policy tells them how to disable them in the browser and also warns them that continued use of the website will be interpreted as implied consent - which is legal in the UK, although I'm not sure about the remainder of Europe.

Is this legally enough? Who knows !! But isn't it better than sticking head in the sand and doing nothing ??
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Re: EU Cookie Directive

Post by Czorneboh » Sun Oct 07, 2012 11:41 am

@Grischa: good thought.
I have found today by chance an example: how the hotel chain Park Inn is handling this?

First I clicked on a link in there newsletter. Then appeared a website
After clicking a link on that page, opened another webpage on .de-domain, still without the warning-window.
But when I clicked into that page on there german website, there appeared in the left lower corner such window.

Here you can try it out: ... rmeldungen

Or you first beginn the test on the main page.

This I find interesting before the background, that the group is active in many countries. One could compare, if they are handling that the same way on all EU-countries; and even in not EU-countries?

This is only a commitment without declaring a legal opinion. I want only show, what already exists. Maybe anyone finds other examples?

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