S9Y on the iPad

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S9Y on the iPad

Post by Hiwelt » Wed Jun 09, 2010 11:28 am

Just a short information for all of you how are planning to use Serendipity with the new Apple iPad via Safari and the S9Y-backend-web-interface.

This will not work if you are using HTMLArea or FCKEditor (these are the both I have tried out).

You may only enter content/text to your backend-web-interface via web and Safari if the usage of these WYSIWYG editors is switched off in you personal settings.

I have figured this out using the 64 GB, 3G iPad model on a Serendipity 1.4.1 installation (yes I know that I should urgently update).

By the way: In the very moment it is also impossible to enter text into the normal web interface of GoogleMail even with a plain installation without any lab functions installed. You may only use the mobile version of Gmail which do not provide any formatting (bold, italic etc.).

Please comment if you will get newer information about any improvement.

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