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Re: markitup pseudo WYSIWYG editor

Posted: Sun Dec 04, 2011 11:34 am
by Manko10
One could as well argue that it's a waste of time to smartify every bit of the s9y core just to enable proper markup in a disappearing standard.
Imagine being able to easily modify any HTML, CSS and JS created by core components or plugins without having to dig through PHP code.
(no words) ;-)

However, I assume (Garvin or Timbalu can probably say more about that) there are still performance concerns. Other than that, "smartify everything" would be a substantial amout of work, which brings us back to time and energy.
Surely. Both are valid concerns. But I think, smartifying everything would not be too big a loss of performance. Especially when we don't use a hundred templates for just one plugin. If we use Smarty blocks we can minimize the number of templates which need to be loaded and we can use selective caching which, in contrast, could be again a gain of performance.