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Cleaning up the index

Post by onli » Sun Jul 26, 2015 7:04 pm

I want to clean up the index.php. Currently that file has 689 lines, a lot of repeated code, and not much structure. My goal is to:

1. make that file smaller. It is the central starting point of s9y, and should mainly delegate
2. remove unused code fragments, like in
3. remove unused urls – for example the archive/archives distinction seems strange to me, and did you know we had an overview page for commenters?
4. move the timebased calendar url structure into a plugin, or remove it
5. Make it more reliable and faster
6. To achieve 5, possible use a small routing framework (current favourite for that here: instead of our custom regex switch statement

My current progress lies under ... /index.php, to get the idea where that is heading.

What I am asking now is:

1. Is there stuff in that file, currently under master, that is defunct?
2. Did you stumble upon s9y functionality that is unknow and probably supported there, like the commenter overview page?

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