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Re: preview and serendipity_getFile

Post by yellowled » Sun Nov 03, 2013 12:42 pm

Timbalu wrote:I tested that with a border, AFAIR. And with full 100%, the right border was outside element.
That's not a CSS fix, that's trial and error. 0.2% is an arbitrary number which could or could not work. The proper solution would be to apply box-sizing: border-box; if the box does actually have a border (which isn't the case in 2k11).
Timbalu wrote:That is why I think, using a near 100% is better here, since this preview does not screenshot the blog frontpage with sidebar itself, than just a part - the content - of it.
I strongly disagree. It is way more useful to have the actual dimensions of the entry in the preview, even if the sidebar is missing.

First of all, it is confusing since it's a different behaviour. Second, it's confusing because the preview looks different than the actual entry. Third, you can't really tell how “layout in the entry” (e.g. positioning of images, line length) will work.

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Re: preview and serendipity_getFile

Post by Timbalu » Sun Nov 03, 2013 1:51 pm

Ok, that is why I posted my suggestion here without commiting first. It is your template. Please do what you want; its up to you. If anybody sees that differently, one is now able to solve that like in my example or is able to set an eye-marker where #content column ends up on the right.

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