"Your entry has been saved" is gone

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"Your entry has been saved" is gone

Post by ads » Tue Mar 31, 2020 11:39 pm


I have one blog installation where the "Publish" dialog stays empty. I attached a screenshot of the situation. Did an integrity check of the installation, but it just says that everything is alright.

The backend theme is "2k11". The "Your entry has been saved" text is stored in the translations as "ENTRY_SAVED". In the blog where this is working, I find this text in "templates/2k11/preview_iframe.tpl" and in the compiled template under "templates_c". In the blog where this is not working, I have the same file (identical checksum for preview_iframe.tpl), but the string never appears in the cached template directory. In fact, "templates/2k11/" is identical in both installations.
Did try to clean the template cache as well, with no result.

One thing I found: "templates_c/2k11" did not exist in the blog where this is not working, and creating the directory never populated it.

Has anyone an idea where I can start looking what is wrong here?

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