Change a link in the categories?

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Re: Change a link in the categories?

Post by Be@t » Tue Oct 01, 2019 12:31 am


It's somehow difficult to understand what you mean... :? Maybe a link to your site would help.
Redington wrote:
Mon Sep 30, 2019 9:51 pm
Hello everyone,,
I have categories in the right column of my site. Some of my categories use titles that my users would be use but are not the correct titles for my categories and I don't want to put any actual entries there.
That's simple: Delete your categories. Categories without entries are useless.
Instead I want have a "dead" category that simply links to one of the categories that use the proper word. Can I do this? How can I redirect a category link to another cartgory?
A category is a category. What's the sense of two names for the same category or a "dead" category?

Maybe you mean mother and child categories? You can configure this under Content/Categories.

Category "live" (mother)
- Category "dead" (child)

This shows in "live"-category all entries of "live" and "death". Even if "death" have no articels... :roll:

Hope it helps.

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