[SOLVED] Table serendipity.serendipity_config doesn't exist

Having trouble installing serendipity?
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[SOLVED] Table serendipity.serendipity_config doesn't exist

Post by SlidingHorn » Tue Feb 06, 2018 9:46 am

I've installed serendipity, but for some reason it didn't seem to create the serendipity_config table...

Any tips?

UPDATE: Just to see if it was a one-time goof, I deleted the database and all the files in the site's directory, and completely reinstalled. Same issue occurred.

UPDATE 2: Garvin was helping via Twitter, and had me add the following to my /include/db/mysqli.inc.php

Code: Select all

    if (mysqli_error($serendipity['dbConn']) != '') {
        echo "[DEBUG] " . mysqli_error($serendipity['dbConn']);
        echo $sql . "\n";
Garvin asked what charset my MariaDB is using, and once I looked into it, MariaDB will automatically create a new database as latin1 if you don't specify otherwise. Creating the db with CHARACTER SET = 'utf8' alleviates the problem.

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