New Install on Ubuntu Xenial and Postgres 9.5

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New Install on Ubuntu Xenial and Postgres 9.5

Post by drwilliamson0 » Mon Jun 20, 2016 1:23 am


I've been toying with a new install on Ubuntu Xenial and Postgresql 9.5 and porting from the old install to the new using the moving instructions I found didn't work at all.

I tried an RSS import after an apparently successful install without success. I resigned myself to a base install with manual entry transfers but this seems to be problematic as well.

The install went fine and dandy. However, when I use the admin interface I never get the target pages on items like new categories or themes and my new entries never make it to the database.

I have superuser database access assigned to the postgres install for the serendipity user account and my filesystem permissions all look good. I tried searching for other ubuntu xenial failures in the forums to no avail.

I'm hoping this problem is similar to my last ID10T issue which was caching between two serendipity installs.

The old install is running fine at this time. I maintain regular full backups of both the filesystem and database. I understand the new containers on ubuntu and the wide database version jump couldn't be helping this scenario either.

If I could just get full functionality on the admin interface and the ability to set new themes and so forth with feedback from the target action pages when I click a feature like "add" or "edit" on the admin interface I would be very grateful.


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Re: New Install on Ubuntu Xenial and Postgres 9.5

Post by garvinhicking » Mon Jul 11, 2016 12:12 pm


sorry for late reply.

To me this sounds like a possible issue with inserting new records. I'm not a pgsql pro, but I think often the "autoincrement" feature of primary keys was an issue.

Are you using the postgresql or pdo-postgresql module?

You could try to get verbose error messages by editing and set $serendipity['production'] = false;

then you should be able to see the possible errors of the database layer...

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