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Having trouble installing serendipity?
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Domain Name

Post by CrimsonRegret » Wed Dec 03, 2014 2:23 am

I am not good with HTML Or anything like that. I need help getting my domain name correct. As I understand I have to redirect traffic some how and I have NO idea how to do that.

Right now my domain name is: Http://

However when I use this source as a platform it becomes Http:// and I don't want that. I want to be able to just use

I am not good with HTML and I'm going to need someone to very carefully explain to me how to do this. On the last website I tried to get help people seemed to all be HTML experts and couldn't explain this to me without using large terms that I can't understand. Can anyone help me out here? I'd greatly appreciate it.

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Re: Domain Name

Post by yellowled » Wed Dec 03, 2014 12:41 pm

Pretty much the easiest solution would be to not upload Serendipity to a folder /s9y/ on your web space but to the root folder of your web space.

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Re: Domain Name

Post by Timbalu » Wed Dec 03, 2014 12:51 pm

It depends on how you did it ...

To start from scratch, which is possibly cleaner:

First, undo your s9y/ install and database tables.

Second, install Serendipity to the / root of your domain (not to /serendipity/ or /s9y/) and disable the servers index listing by


Code: Select all

Options -Indexes 
to a directory configuration settings in your virtualhost. Either in

Code: Select all

<Directory />
    Options -Indexes 
or add the -Indexes to your document root Serendipity .htaccess file after installation is done

Code: Select all

Options -MultiViews -Indexes

If you already have installed and this still is an empty untouched blog, you can also go this route, which saves some time for ftp transfers:
  • Cut and paste everything from inside "/s9y/" to "/".
  • Then edit the .htaccess file with an editor and replace the path values "/s9y/" with "/" (no quotes), which is in RewriteBase and maybe in ErrorDocument and DirectoryIndex.
That should be it.

Log in to your blog by /serendipity_admin.php and and open configuration -> path and change the path on full path, relative path and URL to blog.

If you are not able to log-in, you have two options.
  • First, in your database do the desired changes to the serendipity_config table (values of serendipityPath, serendipityHTTPPath, defaultBaseURL) or
  • Second, purge the / file, request your domain and install serendipity again to the database by using another table prefix. (Afterwards you can purge the old database tables by hand.)
Maybe easier is changing the path settings in your old blogs admin backend configuration -> path first and then do the cute and paste + htaccess change afterwards. :)

I hope I did not forget anything. Good luck!

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