Link to blog isn't working

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Re: Link to blog isn't working

Post by Timbalu » Wed May 25, 2011 9:57 am

Does this mean you cannot find http: yourBlog /path /serendipity_admin.php?
Or can't you login any more? And the system does not accept your password? Any errors?

Look into ... #p10424763
Add a temporary file "fixlogin.php" with:

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    $username = "usernameold";
    $password = "newpwset";
    include '';
    echo serendipity_db_query("UPDATE {$serendipity['dbPrefix']}authors SET password = '" . serendipity_hash($password) . "', hashtype=1 WHERE username = '" . serendipity_db_escape_string($username) . "'");
    echo "Password changed.";
and call it via http://yourblog/fixlogin.php. Do not forget to change $username and $password to your own setting.

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